Surfing holidays are great. You can get away from the rat race of everyday life and enjoy the freedom of going surfing every day. There are many options for surfing holidays in Australia.

Surfers choose surfing holidays in Australia because they’re not only for adults. It’s a perfect way to unwind and recharge your batteries. With the many surfing resorts in Australia, you can choose which ones you want to go to based on how far you are willing to travel. Here are some of the great surfing holiday destinations in Australia.

Burleigh Heads

The Burleigh Heads area of the Gold Coast is one of the premier surfing destinations in Australia. The warm, sunny weather makes this a great place to go surfing year-round. There are also plenty of great surfing beaches with warm water, reefs, and great surf. When you visit this region, you will want to check out Lighthouse Beach. If you love the clear blue water that surrounds it, this is a great place to go surfing.

Surfing Holidays

Hyde Park

Victoria’s iconic Hyde Park features tons of great surfing spots, including the Lake Cowes and famous Sandbar. Many of the greats go to this location when they go surfing in Australia. The views from the beach at Hyde Park are spectacular.


Coolangatta is another popular surfing destination. It is located on the northern tip of the Northern Territory. There are amazing rock formations, waves, and pretty white sand to make this a great place to surf.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is another great surfing holiday destination. This road, which leads to the surfing destination of Bondi Beach, is the most famous surf break in Australia. There are tons of great surfing beaches in this area as well, so you can choose from among the many popular surfing spots around the country. This is a great place to go surfing holidays if you like to go tropical. There are a number of great surfing beaches in Queensland, including Llanberis, where you can go to enjoy clear waters and warm, sandy shores. This is a wonderful place to go surfing holidays in Australia.

Gold Coast of Australia

The Gold Coast of Australia is another great surfing holiday destination. It is perfect for those who love the sunshine and the surf. If you love to surf and enjoy fun in the sun, then this place is perfect for you. The wide beaches along the coast make it an ideal place to go surfing holidays.

Surfing Holidays


Tuggeranong is another popular surfing holiday destination. The waters in this area are great for swimmers and people who enjoy surfing. The surf is consistently good and there are always a ton of great surf breaks available to go surfing holidays in Australia.

Something else…

It is also worth noting that surf holidays in Australia have become a very popular pastime throughout the years. It is true that there are a lot of great surfing holiday destinations in Australia. Some of the best surfing holidays in Australia are not offered by the surfing resorts themselves, but rather through travel agents and surf guides.

If you enjoy traveling, visiting surf locations, and exploring all of the various countries in the world, a surf vacation is a great way to spend your time. There are many great surfing holiday destinations to choose from, and surfing holidays are truly a very exciting experience. If you enjoy surfing and you really want to take your time and see a bunch of different spots around the world, then surfing holidays are a must-do!

Surfers love surfing holidays, and when you choose surfing holiday destinations you will get to experience the tropical climate. You will also get to try some unique surfing techniques and equipment that are not found anywhere else in the world. The great thing about surfing holidays is that you get to try out a bunch of new techniques, as well as try some pretty awesome equipment that is not offered anywhere else in the world.

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