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Broome WA

Broome WA

Broome is a pearling town in the Kimberley region, which attracts many tourists.
It is 2200 km north of WA’s capital city, Perth!

Broome has many natural attractions, including Gantheume Point, where dinosaur footprints are, which are believed to be 130million years old.

The white sand beach, which is named Cable Beach, due to the telegraph cable being laid in 1889 running between Broome and Singapore, connecting to England.

And not forgetting the phenomenon that is the ‘Staircase to the Moon’ which occurs for three months of the year at full moon, when the receding tides and the rising moon gives the effect of a staircase leading up to the moon! A truly spectacular sight.

The temperatures in Broome reach upto the early 40s, and it is extremely important to drink enough water and wear sunscreen. Sunburn and dehydration are not funny.

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