Staircase to the Moon 2013


Get your camera ready, it’s Staircase to the Moon time in Broome!!
The Staircase to the Moon is a natural phenomenon, and a great attraction of Broome.

The times and dates this year are as follows:

Monday 24th @ 6:27pm Market
Tuesday 25th @ 7:32pm Market
Wednesday 26th @ 8:24pm

Tuesday 23rd @ 6:14pm
Wednesday 24th @ 7:16pm Market
Thursday 25th @ 8:16pm Market

Wednesday 21st @ 5:58pm
Thursday 22nd @ 6:57pm Market
Friday 23rd @ 7:54pm Market

Friday 20th @ 6:35pm Market
Saturday 21st @ 7:30pm Market
Sunday 22nd @ 8:24pm

Saturday 19th @ 6:12pm
Sunday 20th @ 7:06pm Market
Monday 21st @ 7:59pm Market

Night Markets are held at Town Beach where you can purchase local cuisine and hand made products of Broome. Markets open at 5pm. For more info on markets: Broome Night Markets

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