How do I get to Kalbarri?

Travelling north from Perth up to Kalbarri is easy.

Kalbarri is such a beautiful part of WA it should not be missed, but unfortunately it is a little difficult to get to, but where there is a will there is a way!!!

There are numerous tour companies running from Perth to Kalbarri, up to Shark Bay, Coral Bay and beyond.

Can’t afford it or don’t want to stick to an itinerary?
Kalbarri Gorges

Transwa travel from the East Perth Terminal three times a week to Kalbarri via Geraldton.

Leaving Perth at 8:30am and arriving at the Kalbarri Visitor Centre at 4:55pm – both very reasonable times!

It only cost about $75 and they do offer discounts with concession cards such as student cards and YHA/VIP cards.

Getting out of Kalbarri is still quite easy, as Transwa also pick up from Kalbarri at 7:10am on a Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday, getting to Geraldton at 9:10am same day.

Continuing North from Kalbarri, you would need to hop on with Greyhound Australia or Integrity Coachlines , Greyhound pass by Binnu Roadhouse (closest to Kalbarri) three times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) at approximately 2:55pm. Integrity pass by Ajana (Kalbarri turnoff) at 2:40pm twice a week (Mon, Fri).

So as you can see the bus services do not match up with each other, which is a nuisance; which does mean spending the night is either Northampton or Geraldton to catch the next connecting bus or catching a lift with someone on a day  bus services comes past.

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