The English, the Irish and the French go Fishing

Fishing in Style

No stinky hands for us :)

On a warm spring evening in early September, the tri nations went on the second fishing expedition to Bateman’s Bay.

The previous week, the three had gone out on an adventure, but they only thing they caught were crabs!

This week was going to be different; you could feel it in the air.

Armed with fold out chairs, torches, rods, bait and most importantly drinks, the intrepid fisherwomen marched onto the beach of Maud’s Landing, ready to take on the ocean.
As fishing pros (after two weeks) the English and French had come to the conclusion that stinky fish hands are not the way to go, so wore gloves! And didn’t they look cool – too cool for school in fact. Did this stop their hands smelling afterwards? Err…. Not really. But it was worth a go.

It was a glorious evening out at Maud’s, the sun was setting across the ocean and the three were relaxing supping a beer and taking in the evening air.

The First Catch

The first catch!!

When all of a sudden, something grabbed the end of the Irish’s fishing rod!! Woo hoo – here we go!!! After battling the mighty fish for at least a minute, the fish was on the shore and what a sight it was. A huge Dart fish – it was at least 6 inches long!! Unfortunately, too small to keep and apparently not good eating either, we set the thing free to swim amongst it friends again.

The next to snag a catch, was the English, and wasn’t it exciting.

After a casting out into the waves all night and recasting and recasting, she had given up on even getting the bait beyond the waves. ‘Ooh something’s on your line!!’ ‘No, no, it’s just the waves…’
As she reeled it in, it’s wasn’t just the waves at all….

It was a small ray!!! Utter devastation!! The poor thing inked up the beach as it was reeled in and flipped and flapped around. Luckily, it wasn’t hooked too badly and could be released easily back into its habitat.

After a bit of action, we all wanted more!!

As true professionals now, we caught a further Dart fish and the greatest catch of the day was a threadfin salmon. All were thrown back into the water to swim another day.

As the sun went down on Coral Bay, the three trekked back to the trusty troopy and hauled all the gear into the back and returned to town with smiles of their faces, and bait on their hands.

No animals or people were harmed in the grand expedition of the tri nations.

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